About Tintaldra - (TBC) Business Centre  As you drive across the bridge over the beautiful Upper Murray River at Tintaldra, you are driving back   in time. Here is a peaceful village nestled on the banks of the river, surrounded by lush river flats, just   as it was over 100 years ago.   In 1837, drought forced the pioneering farmers to search for better pastures. A group of young  Aborigines brought Charles Huon de Kerilleau from Cooma to show him “a land of plenty”. From this  came the name Tintaldra, Aboriginal for “a young man by the water”.   At first Tintaldra was a grazing outpost for the Shelley family. In 1846, Sydney Grandison Watson, one of   the Upper Murray's most colourful characters, began a permanent settlement.   He established Tintaldra Station, of over 12,000 acres. In 1864 he built the now historic Tintaldra Store   to provide for the increasing number of settlers. Apart from the Hotel, the only other enterprise was the   hand hauled wooden punt operated by Christian Vogel.   All locals from Walwa to Corryong had to conduct their business at Tintaldra, which has a small town   status. It was on a river crossing, had a Post Office, Police Station and Customs House, and was on the   main route for the pioneer settlers travelling north and south.   Tintaldra would like to share its magnificent scenery, remarkable history and friendly atmosphere with   you. Hotel, bed and breakfast (B&B - BnB) and caravan park accommodation is available.   You'll love the unique characteristics of rural Tintaldra. It’s a visit you’ll always remember.   For more information, contact Betty Walton, owner of the Tintaldra Store & Tea Rooms, on   (02) 6077 9201. Alternatively, contact the Tintaldra Information Centre on (02) 6076 2277.
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