Tintaldra Region (TBC) - Winery - Retail Sales & Variety (CBD) Shopping & Post Office Agency  Welcome to the Tintaldra Business Centre (TBC) Website. Below are the Tintaldra (CBD) Retail Shopping Business Listings. The Tintaldra   Store offers a majestic historic charm, the Museum Section has a 150 year old Organ as well as other artefacts of the era including a   wood-fired bakery, dinkum Aussie tucker is served on enamel plates in the licensed dining room where you will be entertained with   Bush Poetry and Bush Music. Other meals are available, with coffee or Devonshire Tea a very popular choice. Feel like staying a while?   Then you can rest easy in the comfortable B&B Accommodation available ...   Locally produced products are available from the Fully Licensed Upper Murray Estate Winery (UME) Walwa, where visitors are welcome   to sample the magnificent range of beverages on hand such as Jack Riley - The Original Man from Snowy River, Lankeys Creek, The  Naked Bottle and the Upper Murray Estate wine label range including beers, ciders, soft drinks or enjoy the rich blend of coffee with a   slice of wood fired gourmet pizza in the Smokey Barrel Wine Bar ...   Great selection of memorabilia, souvenirs, Jack Riley collection of wine and beer glasses, stubby coolers, bum bags, posters and more ...   Both Businesses offer Venue Hire and Catering for Weddings and Special Occasion Venue Hire.     Click images below to either go to page/site or expand/zoom.  
Tintaldra Store & Tea Rooms - Post Office Agency Address: 5 Main Street Tintaldra, VIC 3708 Phone: (02) 6077 9201
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Upper Murray Estate - Walwa Winery Address: 8792 Murray River Road, Walwa, VIC 3709 Phone: (02) 6037 1577 Mobile: 0429 411 582
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